SCHRAMM T450WS – mounted on Tracks

 Drilling Method RC
 Rig Engine Caterpillar 3406
 On Board Compressor 350psi / 900 cfm Sullair
 Drilling Depth Vertical 200m
 Drilling Angles 55 to 90 degrees
 Max Diameter Depth Vertical 5.5″
 Rig Height 4m
 Rig Length 11.5m
 Rig Width 3.25m
 Booster Specifications 900psi / 1800 cfm
 Additional Equipment 2m Dump Mast, auto rod feeder, auto rod spanners, automatic brake outs & onboard cyclone splitter. Fire suppression system, water injection dust suppression.

All our equipment goes through a daily pre-start checklist, which forms part of our Maintenance Management Plan.