iDrilling Australia’s fit for purpose fleet utilises innovative technology minimising the environmental impact for future generations. We cover a range of drilling disciplines including RC, Diamond Drilling, Air Core, RAB and Water Bores

Our team drives the future of the company in Mineral Exploration, Water Well Drilling and Geotechnical  applications, and as we understand our clients have unique needs, we develop processes without compromising standards.

Our smaller but high-performance fleet of Drill Rigs has the capability to conduct a comprehensive range of drilling techniques including: Reverse Circulation; Diamond Drilling; Aircore;  Rotary Air Blast and Mud Rotary. Our Rigs are designed to significantly reduce the footprint of ground and vegetative disturbance, they are compact with the capability of drilling  to various depths with on board and auxiliary air while our Diamond Rigs have the capacity of up to 16OOm.

We have the ability to competitively quote and complete various projects outside these drilling methods due to the extensive experience within the company and our associate consultants. We also have the ability to drill water wells on most sites where expanding infrastructure (such as proposed mine site) requires this.

iDrilling Australia has highly experienced maintenance personnel based at our head office complex or availability of local maintenance specialists to service nearby exploration sites in remote areas of Australia.  This ensures that our equipment is performing at its peak and maximum efficiency. iDrilling Australia is committed to continually improve the way we conduct our operations and outcomes and strive for best practices performance at all times.

We constantly monitor, availability, utilisation and reliability of our drill rigs, which in turn monitors our team performance.